There are 8,760 hours in a year. We ask our employees and contractors to be mindful of safety every hour of every day – whether at work or at home – which is why we named our Pioneer safety initiative Safely8760.

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Having a continual focus on safety is key to reducing overall incidents and potential lost-time events. Our Health, Safety and Environmental team actively works to enhance and improve data that we can use to correlate actions to incidents, giving us behavioral indicators we can utilize to help keep Pioneer employees and contractors safe.

The foundational principles of our Safely8760 program include:

  • Commitment: Build a proactive culture of safety
  • Stop Work Authority: Ask questions and “stop the job” if necessary
  • Aware and Engaged: Prevent incidents at home and at work
  • Communication: Share knowledge and lessons learned
  • Continual Improvement: Be better, safer every day

Pioneer Natural Resources respects the individual, community, and environment. The company is committed to protecting the environment from damage and protecting its employees and those who live near its areas of operation from injury and health risks. We identify and manage risks and impacts through business decisions, plans, and operations by fostering a culture of safety and environmental stewardship, as well as a proactive network of systems to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

See the complete HSE Policy and HSE Commitment.

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