Qualified Supplier Expectations

Please note: Starting Jan 1, 2019, all Level 3 and Level 4 Contractors performing work on Pioneer field locations are required to show documentation verifying completion of SafeLand Basic Orientation for all of their employees prior to them working on a Pioneer field location. The certification must be issued later than Jan 1, 2017.


ACL Process and/or Insurance – RISKMGMT@pxd.com

Contractor Safety, Environmental, and/or Department of Transportation (DOT) – Contractor.Safety@pxd.com


  • Master Service/Sales Agreement
  • ISNetworld Subscription


Compliance with Pioneer’s minimum insurance requirements, including minimum excess liability insurance limits based on scope of work. Work may include, but is not limited to:

  • Level 1 – Minimal Risk (administrative, catering, janitorial, tire service/repair – Not at a well site) – No excess liability insurance required
  • Level 2 – Low Risk (construction, soil sampling, sandblasting, air emission testing – Not at a well site) - $2MM excess liability insurance required
  • Level 3 – Moderate Risk (pipeline, trucking, rig moving, cranes, pigging, mud/cement services, well surface casing, roustabout, hydroblast, nitrogen, portable toilets – May be at well site) - $5MM excess liability insurance required
  • Level 4 – High Risk [drilling, wireline/perforating, hot oil, flowback, well casing (other than surface), fracture stimulation, well control, workovers, pressure pumping, swabbing – At well site] - $20MM excess liability insurance required

Contractor Safety

Required documents to support the Suppler Pre-qualification Questionnaire (SPQ) in Ariba:

  • Copy of HSE Manual and other documents that support answers provided on the SPQ
  • OSHA 300 Logs for the previous 5 (five) full years and year-to-date
  • Copy of Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct
  • Any other documents that will support or provide proof of answers to questions on the SPQ
  • ISN Account Number


Required documents to support the SPQ in Ariba:

  • Copy of all required state, federal, local and/or municipal regulatory documentation. [This can include licenses, permits and registrations – example a complete RRC WHP (WH-1, WH-2 and WH-3), TCEQ Sludge Hauler, PHMSA hazardous material, BATFE, PE/PG.]
  • Recent copy of waste disposal documentation when dealing with management of Pioneer waste. This can include manifest and/or bill of lading. The document MUST be legible and contain the following:
    • List waste and quantity
    • List transporter and their regulatory number
    • List waste disposal facility and their regulatory number
    • List generator and their address
    • Examples include but not limited to: RRC H-11 pits waste, wash bay wastewater, wash bay solids
  • List of chemicals utilized on Pioneer property, quantity/volume, and a copy of each SDS.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) measurement thresholds and Pioneer’s overall safety expectations, including but not limited to multiple recordable crash rates.