The Corporate Governance Guidelines, charters and bylaws, as well as Pioneer’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, are published on this website and are available in print to any stockholder who requests them.


The Board of Directors of Pioneer Natural Resources Company has adopted Bylaws relating to its business, the conduct of its affairs, and its rights and powers and the rights and powers of its stockholders, directors and officers.

Governance Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to provide the framework for the governance of Pioneer and to assist the Board in the performance of its duties and the exercise of its responsibilities.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Pioneer’s long-standing policy is to comply with the letter and spirit of the laws that govern its business. Pioneer’s commitment to honest and ethical conduct extends beyond compliance with laws and regulations. Pioneer expects each employee, officer and director to act with integrity in everything he or she does.

Committee Charters

The Board of Directors of Pioneer Natural Resources Company currently has five standing committees: Audit Committee; Compensation and Leadership Development Committee; Health, Safety and Environment Committee; Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee; and Sustainability and Climate Oversight Committee. Each Committee has a written charter that complies with all applicable requirements and sets forth the committee’s principal responsibilities.

Audit Committee Charter

Compensation and Leadership Development Committee Charter

Health, Safety and Environment Committee Charter

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Sustainability and Climate Oversight Committee

Contact the Board of Directors

Stockholders and other interested parties may leave messages for Pioneer’s Board of Directors, including the Lead Director of the Board or the non-management or independent members of the Board as a group, through the following means:

  • Call: 888-234-6372 or 972-969-3555
  • Write: Board of Directors, Pioneer Natural Resources Company, 777 Hidden Ridge, Irving, TX 75038
  • Email:

All such communications will be received and processed by the Pioneer Corporate Secretary’s Office. Depending upon the subject matter, the Corporate Secretary’s Office will:

  • Forward the communication to the Lead Director or other member(s) of the Board, as appropriate
  • Handle the inquiry where director input is not necessary, such as a request for information about Pioneer, employment, charitable giving, vendor relations or other topics unrelated to the Board's duties
  • Not forward the communication if it clearly relates to an unrequested commercial solicitation or an irrelevant or inappropriate topic
  • Provide regular reports of all material communications to the Board or its designated committee(s)

In addition, concerns or complaints, including regarding Pioneer's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, may be reported anonymously or confidentially through Pioneer’s Compliance Line by dialing 1-800-750-4972 (outside the U.S., call collect: +1-704-973-0365).